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FAQs for Happity users
FAQs for Happity users

Our most frequently asked questions & troubleshooting

How do I find out about new features?
My phone number is showing on the site, how do I remove this?
What are the different sections under 'Organisation'?
How do I remove customer bookings?
Why do I not show as a featured activity every time?
Can I add questions to the bookings process?
When will I receive my money from Stripe?
I have not received any login details yet?
Contact us
How to reschedule or cancel an individual class with bookings?
Can I connect more than one Stripe account to my Happity profile?
How do I update the Company Details on my profile?
Can I see my customer's marketing preferences?
Can I add extra users to my account?
The venue I need isn't listed, what should I do?
Can I use the same ticket across my listings?
Can I set up separate terms on Happity?
Can I use discount codes on Happity?
Why am I being asked to verify my classes?
When is the cut off for booking my classes?
How do parents find my classes on Happity?
Can I list my pre-recorded sessions on Happity?
What information should I include on my profile?
Can I set up one listing with multiple venues?
Will I get a notification when a customer makes a booking?
How can I access my sales, marketing & customer data on Happity?
How do I cancel my subscriptions or close my account?
How do I ensure my classes are Covid secure?
How do I login?
Customer booking confirmations
How do I issue a refund?
How do I contact my customers?
How do I edit my ticket prices?
Can I use the same email address across multiple accounts?
How can I edit my email address?
How can I edit my class venue?
How can I make a class 'Pay on the door'?
How can I change or update my class information?
Where can I see a breakdown of my bookings?
How do I change my website link or other contact details?
Can I add images or photos to my page?
Can I add photos / images to my Happity profile?
How do I close my Happity account?
What to do if your information is wrong?
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