What are category pages?

For users who are looking for a particular type of activity, our pages display all classes that have been tagged with a category - ordered by closest venue first.

Here are some example pages:-

Happity Members are featured at the top of the list with a short description for each organisation. These links go to your company profile page where parents can see your full timetable and find out more about your classes.

These landing pages tend to rank very highly on Google.

How to Add Categories

Categories can be added to your activity description when adding classes to your timetable using the Scheduling Wizard, or you can edit existing activities to add them on. Simply go to Profile > Activities and click the edit icon next to each entry.

When you start typing, the field will autofill with the available categories in our database. Type a comma to separate each category.

A list of all the available categories can be found here. We try to keep the categories fairly broad so that parents see a variety of content within each activity page, but if you think we've missed an important category, get in touch and we'll see if we can add it!

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