Place your classes at the top of search results as a featured activity and appear as a 'Top Pick' in our parent newsletters with our popular Promoted Listings service. 🌟

Stand out from the crowd and reach your exact target customers - parents searching within a few miles of your venue, on the right day of the week with the right aged child. Our system is more targeted than Facebook or Google ads!

A promoted listing:

  • Appears at the top of search results as a 'Featured activity'.

  • Is highlighted on the map with a special star

  • Typically receives 6x more clicks

Your class will still appear in it's normal position in the search results as well as in the promoted section, helping to increase brand awareness amongst your target customers.

No more than 3 classes are promoted in any one search to help yours really stand out, and we will only promote one of your classes in any given search result - so that your classes aren't competing with one another.

In addition, your class may be selected to appear in our weekly newsletters and the 'also nearby...' boxes, which are personalised to each parent's preferences.

How it Works

We count the number of times your class is promoted to the top of a matching search and bill just 1p per search.

That means 1000 searches costs just £10.

You can choose as many or as few of your classes to promote, and set a limit on your monthly maximum budget.

If more than one of your promoted classes matches a single search, we will select only the most likely match - helping your budget stretch further. 🙂

There are also two slots in Happity's weekly email newsletters reserved exclusively for Promoted classes, increasing the visibility of your classes at no extra cost.

How To Activate Promoted Listings

Please note: The Promoted Listings service is one of the benefits only available to Happity Members (£37.50+VAT per year).

To active the Promoted Listings service, simply go to 'Promoted Listings' in your dashboard and set a maximum monthly budget, which which can be any amount you choose.

You will then be able to choose which of your classes to promote.

Happity will promote your classes in matching searches up until your budget is reached - we'll never bill for more than your budget. We only charge for the actual customers that we reach - relevant to your classes, so if we don't reach your customers, you won't pay anything!

To check how much is due and when, simply click on the 'Promoted Listings' tab:-

You have complete control over which of your classes are promoted and can change your budget at any time. You'll also receive a reminder 7 days before your bill is due.

Please note - if you activate the service, but then do not select any classes to promote, your classes won't be promoted. (You would still receive a statement at the end of the month but it would show a total of £0.00.)

If you have any questions, please click the blue button below to chat with us! 🙂

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