We’ve spent the past few years working with class providers like you to perfect our platform to help your businesses thrive and grow, to bring even more smiles to children, parents and our members. If you’re not already a full Happity member, here are 10 reasons why membership might be right for your business right now:


10 Reasons why you should become a full member of the Happity Family

  1. Unlimited customer support at no extra cost. We know that our members are so busy putting smiles on faces that they don’t have time to navigate fiddly portals. So not only have we made our listing system simplicity itself to use, we also have our Customer Happiness team, led by Lisa, on hand to help you anytime you need us. And this help is all included in our membership fee of less than £1 per week. What is more, members can also get tips and guidance from our thriving, supportive providers’ community too.

  2. Get a direct link with your followers - and potential customers. Happity members benefit from UNLIMITED customer enquiries via a direct contact form, as well as a Facebook Messenger widget - making it quick and easy for parents to get in touch - often the first step towards attending a class. We know how important it is to be able to talk to parents, so we offer unlimited access to let you keep the conversation going.

  3. Promote your activities, whether they’re online or in person. We know that a lot of providers found during lockdown that online classes could still be hugely rewarding, and also reach a far wider audience, particularly those who live in more isolated areas. That’s why we’ve ensured that online classes can be added to your searches too, so long as they are bookable on Happity, to make sure we can join up as many parents as we can with the classes and activities to keep their children thriving.

  4. Share the power of your social network with our audience. As part of membership, your Facebook newsfeed will be displayed on every single one of your listings. This can help parents get to know you, see which of their friends already follows you, and of course see all of the wonderful reviews other parents have left. This exclusive membership feature helps shine a brighter light on how fun your classes are, helping parents to book with confidence.

  5. Access to a bespoke booking system, with no subscription fee. We’ve created a booking system for our members which not only helps parents book at the touch of a button (all research shows that the more clicks online a person has to take, the less likely they are to complete their booking) but also takes away the hassle of managing payments and bookings in multiple systems. Not only is the booking system included within membership, we also have kept our commission per booking to just 3% including VAT! Using our booking system saves hassle, increases bookings and offers fantastic value for money. If you have your own booking system and don’t want to move, that’s great too. Happity will work with you in the way which suits you best

  6. New for '22! - We're incredibly excited to announce that Happity is now partnering with Fantastic for Families.

    Fantastic for Families is a wonderful website, helping families find affordable arts and cultural events for their families from trusted providers across England. From March, all Happity member activities will be promoted on their site at no extra cost. At Happity we're constantly looking at new ways to get our members' classes in front of even more parents, and this partnership is just another new benefit for all of the Happity family.

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Want to know more? Then read on. Happity membership also includes:

  1. Automated notifications to your followers. Each term we will notify all your followers on your full, updated timetable, meaning that your followers will be able to plan for their next term of bookings, and won’t miss out on seeing what dates you have available. What is more, we’ll send out regular alerts whenever you start new classes. As soon as you have anything new planned, we’ll make sure your followers know. Happity membership will boost your marketing without you having to lift a finger.

  2. Access to Promoted Listings - at just 1p per search! Members can use our promoted listings service, putting your class at the top of the search results and in newsletters, which has been shown to increase clicks by 600%! You can set your monthly budget at whatever level you want, so you’re always in control of your marketing costs, but at the same time make sure you’re at the front of the queue when parents are booking their activities.

  3. Your own Happity email marketing database - for you to export and use. We know that your followers should belong to you. So Happity membership allows you to download your list of followers, including where they are, so you can continue the conversation with them directly, and also understand where you have followers further afield - crucial if you are thinking about expanding your business and wondering where a good place to host new activities might be. Happity membership doesn’t just look after your business today, but also helps you plan for tomorrow. Speaking of which…

  4. Access the directory of all Happity venues. Finding a venue to host a new class can be a time-consuming business. That’s why we’ve created a database of child-friendly venues ready to welcome new activity providers, available exclusively to Happity members

As a mission-driven organisation, we want to support small businesses like us to have a sustainable model so they can help parents find activities and find their tribe. That’s why membership is priced at less than £1 per week and includes all of the benefits above. By helping take care of your marketing and bookings, your time and money is freed up to create the best experiences possible for your customers.

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A direct enquiry form makes it easy for parents to contact you

Do you run a community or charity event?

Then we think it's all the more important that parents can find your classes and contact you! Please get in touch to apply for Social Good membership which is offered free of charge to support our mission to end loneliness and isolation in parents.

How To Upgrade

On your dashboard go to ‘Settings - Membership’ and enter your card details.

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If you get stuck just email us and we can guide you through the process.

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Have any questions? Got any suggestions?

Our Customer Happiness team is always here to help, whatever your query. We also want to continue working in partnership with our members, so if you have any ideas or suggestions we’d love to hear them too.

Drop us a line on [email protected] or send us a message via the chat button on your dashboard. 🙂

Terms & Conditions Apply.

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