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Pricing, commission and fees
Pricing, commission and fees

Pricing for Happity's booking system explained.

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Our booking system is designed specifically for baby and toddler class providers like you; to make your life easier, save you admin headaches, and bring lots of new customers through the doors, too.

We’ve worked hard to keep our subscription fees and commission as low as possible, so that you can take advantage of all of the benefits of taking bookings online, while still making sustainable income from your classes.

The booking system is available to all Happity Members. You can find out more about Membership or upgrade in your Dashboard here.

How our pricing and fees work

The price to use Happity Bookings includes:

  • Commission on each booking: 2.5% + VAT

  • Payment processing fee (Stripe): 1.5% + 20p

Please note: Stripe fees correct as of 5 April 2024. Fees will be higher for EU cards. Find out more at

Example fees

To help you understand commission and payment processing fees, this table shows how costs break down across some example bookings.


Customer pays

Happity Commission

VAT on commission

Processing Fee (Stripe)

Total fees paid

Single class booking






Block of 6






Full Term






What is Stripe?

Stripe is an online payment processor that is similar to PayPal except with lower fees (1.5% + 20p per transaction). They have a great user interface, state of the art security and first-class customer support.

The chances are you've already used Stripe without knowing it as they are the payment processor of choice for big brands like Deliveroo, Asos and Squarespace.

We connect payments directly to your Stripe account because not only does it mean you can access your payments as soon as they're available (within 3-5 days), it gives you additional tools to view all of your payment history, create invoices and to connect your sales information up to accounting packages like Xero - saving precious admin time.

We know that every little bit makes a difference when you're running a small independent business. By doing the best we can for your business, it's the best we can do for ours too. 🙂

Ready to get started with bookings?

To activate bookings to your account, log in to your Dashboard and click Settings > Bookings to connect your Stripe account.

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