To start building your timetable, go to 'My Classes' and choose 'Weekly Timetable' from the menu.

Click 'Add a new class' to launch the scheduling wizard.

  1. 'What' - Activity descriptions in Happity get saved to your account so that you can associate the same activity with lots of different times in your timetable. You only need to create the activity once, and later you'll be able to edit a description and have it apply to all the times that this class runs.

    An activity is made up of:
    - A title, e.g. 'Baby Music
    - age range e.g. '0 - 2 years old'
    - a short strapline
    - a longer description
    - category tags

    Top Tip: You can leave your age range open ended by setting the upper age at 18 years old. This will then display your class as being for '0+' (the minimum age you've set, followed by a '+' sign)

  2. 'Where' - use the 'Search our database' box to choose a venue location from Happity's existing database. If it hasn't been added before, click create a new venue.

    When you add a new venue, its profile is shared amongst all class providers. Each venue gets it's own page on Happity, showing parents all of the classes that take place in that location - from lots of different class providers. They rank highly in Google, and are linked with other class providers, helping you to get more visibility in your area.

    Here's an example: St Hilda's Church, SE23

  3. 'When' - choose the weekday and time this class usually runs. Happity is built around weekly events, so if you also run this activity at another time of day you'll need to add it to your timetable as a new class.

    The addition of class dates are optional on Happity, but they are required if you wish to take bookings. If you don't add dates, we'll list your class on Happity as 'Runs on Mondays' indefinitely, until you delete the class from your timetable.

    See more on setting dates, registers and capacity here.

  4. 'Other' - there is space here for more specific notes on how to find your class if you're in a larger venue (like a park or where there are many rooms).

    You can also add notes which are specific to this particular class. e.g. it could be that you're in a cafe and there's a special offer for parents attending this class.

    Finally, there's space to assign external teachers on this page and the option to add the 'Drop-ins accepted' label for your classes.

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