What are Happity Followers and how does it work?

When parents view your profile on Happity, we invite them to 'Follow' you for updates on your classes. This is especially useful if they're interested in what you do, but they can't see a time / venue that works for them right now.

Then when you add classes on Happity - whether these are virtual or in-person - we'll send your latest timetable to your followers, helping you to grow your business without even trying!

Your ready-made email marketing list

To ensure you get maximum benefit from this feature, parents are also asked if they would like to opt-in to YOUR OWN newsletter too. We ask for their express permission to share their email addresses with you, so that you can export your followers to do your own email marketing if you wish.

If you're not ready to use this data yourself, that's totally OK - you can collect followers on Happity and they'll all be there to export whenever you're ready - and in the meanwhile, we'll be sending them your latest timetables automatically. πŸ™‚

Member Benefits

By default, we'll distribute timetables 4 times a year for everyone - at the start of each term. Classes from Happity Members get sent out first.

In addition, we run frequent updates on Member's classes during the term, sending out specific alerts whenever new classes are added.

Members are also able to retrieve extra data on where their followers are located. This will help you see which areas to expand into and grow your business at new venues (our venue directory can also help with this). πŸŽ‰

Finally, you'll be able to export a list of your opted-in followers to use in your own newsletter (provided you've got a Privacy Policy in place).

How to Collect Followers

You can give your follower list a boost by sharing your Happity Profile on social media! You can find the address for your Happity Profile page from your dashboard by clicking 'My Happity Page'.

​Here are some social media templates to share on social media for ease - just pop your Happity address in the blank section below to start collecting.

Download blank template (as above - simply save and add your URL in the space at the bottom.)
Download an example template (pre-filled)

Download generic Happity.co.uk template (ready to use)

Example Social Media text -
'We can't wait to be back and see you again! My new classes will be starting soon. Follow me on Happity and you'll get news on my classes as soon as they return - [Your Happity webpage]"


'If you'd like to see my classes in your area, please follow me on Happity! It will help me see where I need to add new classes next, and send you alerts when I start classes near you. [Your Happity webpage]'

Accessing Your Follower List

Click on Customers > Followers to view your follower list and numbers. If you're a Member you'll be able to view anonymised location data, and if you have an uploaded Privacy Policy, you'll also be able to export this data.

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