Upgrade to a Members Account to attract more customers and support Happity - all for just £3+VAT per month!

Happity is a mission driven organisation run by a team of flexi-working parents. We operate a low-cost Patreon style membership so that class providers can maximise their marketing through Happity - whilst keeping their freedom to choose how they take bookings (that is, if they want to take bookings at all!). 

We do this because we value the independence of small businesses and the community we serve. 

We feel it's a more ethical and sustainable approach than in traditional winner-takes-all tech platform models. 

Please Note: Membership is free for community and charitable organisations, and is already included for subscribers to the Happity Booking System. 🙂

More Visibility and More Enquiries

Happity Membership includes exclusive features that helps promote your classes and get maximum visibility - whether you take bookings through the Happity platform or not.

It includes:

  • The opportunity to feature in personalised newsletters to our users and on our social media channels
  • A direct enquiry form to all your classes, making it quick and easy for parents to contact you - this is often the first step towards attending a class
  • Your Facebook newsfeed is displayed on every listing, giving parents an opportunity to get to know you, see your existing reviews - and find out which of their friends already follow you
  • You'll receive up to 100 credits to spend on our Promoted Listings service each month (this can be upgraded to more if you need it)
  • Access to our private Facebook community
  • Access to a directory of all Happity venues to help you grow your business
  • Priority in working with us on Brand Partnership projects and events (e.g. Mothercare x Happity)

Make it easy for parents to contact you

Keeping You Independent

Our ambition in starting Happity was simple - we wanted to help new parents escape isolation, and find great things to do with their babies nearby. 

Nowadays, we're up against some stiff competition of an altogether different nature - and our mission has grown with it.

Many tech platforms like Uber, Airbnb and Amazon are powerful because they monopolise the market. Although they provide great services to consumers, it means small independent companies quickly become dependent on them and have little alternative choice. 

But here at Happity, we think the market for baby and toddlers is something different. 

For many of us working in this sector, compassion and community is at our heart - and it has to come first before profits.

Happity exists because we believe class providers running baby & toddler classes deserve an alternative choice. 

We have opted for a membership model so that everyone can benefit. It gives you more freedom to choose how you run your classes, and how you take your bookings.

Becoming a Happity member also means you can make the most of work you've already put in elsewhere - displaying your social media feeds directly on your profile pages, and displaying the links to your own website.

Supporting Our Mission

Our top priority is to enable new mums and dads to get out and about - it's about  escape the four walls, when it feels like that's all you've got for company.

But we found that making money through commissions on bookings alone, was putting this mission in jeopardy.

Things like the enquiry form and social media feed help more parents attend your classes - but it makes it less likely that a booking will be completed through Happity, and we won't make any money from those bookings.

Your membership fee allows us to pursue our mission in a way that's sustainable and ethical, and allows us to work in the best interests of both parents and class providers.

Why is it only £3?

Parents who use Happity are often in a hurry, searching on the same day or night before - they're probably jiggling a crying baby in their other arm. They might want to ask you a question before attending. They might be stuck at home if they can't.

The membership fee is set at a low rate so that it should be a no-brainer for the majority of class providers - thus ensuring we are providing the best possible service for vulnerable new parents.

Can I pay more?

Yes! (Well, sort of.) 

The Promoted Listings service is exclusively available to members only. It allows you to appear at the top of search results. 

If you have a bigger marketing budget, you can opt to top up the 100 promotions each month by setting an extra budget. Your contribution will help us to develop Happity further.

I run a community event and don't have funding

Then we think it's all the more important that parents can find your classes and contact you! 

Please get in touch to apply for free membership.

How To Upgrade

Simply go to the 'Promoted Listings' tab in your dashboard to activate your membership.

Any questions?

Drop us a line on [email protected] or send us a message via the blue chat button on your dashboard. 🙂

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