Happity is designed to support weekly classes, but you don't have to specify and maintain dates on our system unless you want to.

If you wish to take bookings through Happity, you will need to specify the dates your class is running on and the number of tickets you want to sell, so that we can create a register for each session.

Setting Dates

This is located on the 'When' tab of the Schedule Wizard. When creating a new class, you'll see a list of dates appear under the 'Dates' section as soon as you have chosen the weekday that your class runs.

If you are editing an old schedule that didn't have dates before, simply scroll to the bottom section where it says 'Dates (optional)' and choose 'Display a list of specific dates'.

Click the dates your class is running. If there are breaks in your term or cancelled classes, leave those dates blank.

Creating Registers

Before proceeding, make sure you have set a default for the number of tickets that you want to sell for each of these classes. This will create new blank registers for each date.

You'll be able to edit the number of spaces for each individual session from the 'Registers' tab later.

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