To remove a booking from a class

i. Click on 'Registers' in your dashboard
ii. Locate the customer in your register and click on their name - this will open up their booking info details.
iii. Click 'cancel'

iv. You'll be given a warning before the cancellation goes through
v. Their name will remain appear crossed through in your register and their space will be released for resale

NOTE: This will not issue a refund. If you wish to give the customer a refund, you will need to do this via Stripe.

TIP: You can also locate a booking by going to Customers and searching by the customer's email address.

To transfer into a new class

i. Find the register for the class you'd like to transfer into
ii. Click 'Add manual booking'
iii. This will open up a form for you to add the customer's details to this register.

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