Happity is designed to support classes that take place weekly (e.g. Mondays at 10am). Adding specific dates to this is optional, but is only required if you wish to take bookings through Happity. When you add a date into the system, it will create a new blank register for the session.

Setting Dates

This is located on the 'When' tab of the Schedule Wizard. After you have selected a weekday for your classes (e.g. Mondays) you'll see a list of dates appear for the next few weeks. Simply tick all of the dates your class is running.

Creating Registers

Before proceeding, make sure to set a default number of spaces that you expect to make available for each of these classes. This will create new blank registers for each date with the capacity you've set. Click on 'Registers' to view your upcoming classes.

Click on a date to view the register for this session. From here, you can see an overview of your sales, how much revenue the class has made so far and how many spaces are still available.

You can also find the booking link for this particular event date from this page.

  • 'Places Available' - manage the number of spaces in the class

  • 'Add Manual Booking button' - add someone to your register if they have booked elsewhere. You'll have the option to send them a confirmation email if they haven't already received one elsewhere (optional). Once they are on your register, they will be treated the same as everyone else in the register - automatically receiving a reminder before the class starts, and a link to re-book after the class has taken place

  • 'Print register' - Export the register to a PDF ready for printing or emailing

  • 'Contact attendees' - get a list of contact phone numbers or email addresses for this particular event, in case you need to reach your customers urgently.

Any notes that have been provided by the parent will be grouped together at the bottom of the register; it will also be sent to you in the booking notification email.

By default, the register is ordered by the child's first name rather than the parent's, and siblings are grouped together.

To arrange your register alphabetically, click on 'Name' or 'Booked by'. You'll need to do this before pressing the 'Print' button.

A timestamp will appear next to each name when their reminder email has been sent on the day of the class.

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