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Sharing a register with an external teacher
Sharing a register with an external teacher

How to issue a login for an external teacher and share a register

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How to share a register with your teachers

If you work with teachers or need someone to cover a session, you can give them limited access to your registers, so that they can see the register for the class they are leading, but no other information on your profile.

Teachers can only see the 'Print register' view - they can see the names of the adults and children attending the class, and the age of the children - as well as any important notes on SEN or allergies.

To add a new teacher, go to Profile > Teachers. Here you'll be able to manage teacher access and choose which classes in your timetable they should have access to.

Note: Teachers will be able to see all of the registers for future dates for that weekly slot.

How to remove an external teacher

If you need to have an external teacher removed from your account, please email our friendly support team at [email protected] who will be happy to assist with this.

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