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How to add a manual booking to your registers
How to add a manual booking to your registers

Add customers to your registers in a few clicks!

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If a customer has not booked through Happity or you are transferring them from another class, you can add them as a manual booking on your registers quickly and easily.

To add a manual booking -

  1. Find the class on your registers and click on the eye/view icon.

  2. Click on 'Add manual booking'

  3. Use the 'Find a previous customer' autofill feature to add an existing customer.

  4. If they are a new customer, fill in their details and click save.

If the customer has bought a term or block booking ticket then they will automatically be added to all the registers for that booking.

Happity add manual booking

Note - The autofill feature defaults to loading info from the last booking the customer made with that class provider and so look out for anything that needs to be updated/changed before saving!

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