Setting up Happity Bookings

A step by step guide to switching on bookings

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Follow these steps to take online payment via Happity and get greater visibility for your classes.

1. Add event dates and the number of spaces

For the classes you want to take bookings on, you'll need to create event dates and set the number of spaces that are available.

Go to your Timetable, click on the 'Edit' icon, and choose the 'When' tab.

Tick all the dates that the class is running. You can select more dates by clicking 'Show next 8' and then choosing 'Select All'.

Important: Make sure you fill in the number of tickets on this page. Whenever new dates are added, they will be created with this number of spaces in them.Β 

Tip: You can edit the number of spaces available for each session separately from the 'Registers' menu.

2. Add prices

When you save your dates, it will prompt you to add prices if there aren't any yet. You can easily set up sibling prices and trial offers on Happity, and once you have set up your tickets, they can be re-used for all of your classes.

You can also create pro-rated term tickets and block bookings on Happity if you wish. For more info, please see the Creating Prices article.

3. Activate Bookings on your account

Log in to your account and go to Profile > Bookings. Follow the step by step wizard to connect a Stripe account to accept payments directly.

It will also ask you to add any notes on your Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. This isn't as scary as it sounds! They are an opportunity to communicate your policies on things like refunds and transfers, and whether photos or food is allowed in class. It doesn't have to be written in complicated legalese - you probably already have these policies in your head! πŸ™‚

User data in the booking system will be covered by Happity's Privacy Policy. However, this only relates to how Happity stores and uses customer data. It does not tell them how you use data as a class provider (for example, will you want to print out registers? If so, how long will you keep them and how will they be stored?).

Add a note to state how you intend to access and use this information yourself - even if it's to say their data will only be stored on Happity and is used for the purpose of planning and providing your classes.

As a business handling personal information, you ought to have a Privacy Policy in place regardless of whether you use an online booking system. If you need bespoke help with this, let us know and we can put you in touch with an affordable legal advisor.

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