When posting a new listing on Happity, you will first need to set up an 'Activity' to attach the timetable to. This section is where you describe your classes, let customers know what you offer, the benefits of joining and who the activity is suitable for.

How to create a new activity

  • From your dashboard go to 'Profile' > 'Activities'

  • Select 'Create new activity'

  • Choose an appropriate title for your activity - this is the name that will appear in the search listings and so needs to help a parent easily identify the type of class you are offering.

  • Enter the minimum and maximum ages (a 'young baby' tag will automatically be applied to classes when the maximum age is below 13 months).

  • Enter the short and long description - Keep in mind what will persuade a parent to come to your class. Help them understand the benefits of attending your classes, what they will be doing there and what they can expect from them.

Tip - Avoid filling this space with specific details of where, when and costs, as you can provide information this later.

  • Tag up to five categories (see link below)

  • Save your activity and then begin to set up your timetable. (See here)

How to edit an activity

Go to -

  • Profile > Activities

  • Choose the activity and click on the edit (pencil) icon.

  • Make your changes and click 'save'.

NB - This is where you can also view your active and archived schedules and access them directly.

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