Parents can use a range of filters in the search results to get classes that are more relevant to them. Here is a list of the filters and how to make sure they are applied to your class.

How to add each tag

  • Drop-in - click 'drop-ins accepted' when creating a new class. This is found on the 'Other' tab.

  • Under £2 - this is applied automatically to classes that have a price on them that works out at under £2 per session. Add prices on to your classes to activate this.

  • Trial - add a trial offer on to your class to get this label. (Choose 'Is this a trial offer?' when adding a new price).

  • Young Babies - this is applied automatically to classes when the maximum age is below 13 months.

  • Bring Your Baby - this is a category that can be added when creating or editing an activity.

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