When to use the ‘reschedule’ button

If you’ve already taken bookings and need to postpone a class, you can use the reschedule button to change it to a later date.

Some of your customers will not be attending the postponed date, you will need to transfer or cancel them individually (See link below).

NB. You do not need to set up the new dates for the class on the timetable before you start rescheduling when you choose the new date in the below process, this will happen automatically.

How to reschedule a session

  1. Go to the ‘My classes’ section of the dashboard and choose ‘Registers’.

  2. Find the original date of the session and click on the ‘view’ symbol.

  3. Choose ‘Reschedule’ from the action buttons.

  4. You will then be able to choose the new date and save it. You will see that some dates will be crossed out; this will be the case where there are already classes in place. If you are moving a block of classes, you will need to make sure that there are future dates available and then shift the block forwards.

  5. You will then be returned to the ‘Class details’ page.

  6. Automatic notifications will not be sent however. Please click the ‘Resend confirmation email’ icon after rescheduling if you wish to send out new booking emails; and / or contact the attendees directly. This can be done quickly and easily by text or email using the ‘Contact attendees’ action button at the top of the register.

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