Add your Zoom classes to Happity, and they'll automatically be advertised throughout our social media, parent newsletters and on our website under the '[email protected]' umbrella! This will help parents know that you're running classes in a way that they are used to and make them more likely to join you.

Before adding classes to [email protected], you'll first need to set up video classes in Zoom to pre-generate your links. Setting this up in this way will also give you a whole range of extra benefits, including the ability to customise your virtual waiting room! Please check the instructions on this before going further.

Once you've got your Zoom links, you can add your classes to the '[email protected]' programme so that parents can find your classes and you can also start taking online payments if you wish.

Watch the video tutorial below, or scroll down for instructions and screenshots.

How to Add Classes to [email protected]

  1. Log in to your Happity Dashboard (if you're not get a Happity Member yet you'll need to upgrade - we are offering 1 YEAR FREE for new members during the coronavirus outbreak).
  2. Click on 'My Timetable'
  3. Click 'Add a new class'
  4. Follow the in-app instructions to set up your activity - this works exactly as it would do on Happity for a normal class - except you'll now have the option to choose '[email protected]' as your online venue. 
  5. Copy over your weekly Zoom link for this class (from step 10 above)
  6. Choose the dates and set a capacity for the number of bookings you wish to take.
  7. Save and Exit
  8. Add on ticket prices for your class

If this is the first time you have taken bookings via Happity, you'll also need to add a Stripe account so that you can receive funds for your classes! Stripe charges card fees of 1.4%+20p per transaction. Happity receives 3%. Click here to connect to Stripe.

Swap Existing Classes Over to [email protected]

Simply edit an existing classes and swap your physical venue over to '[email protected]' instead. You will still need to have scheduled your classes in Zoom and generated links for the video calls before doing this.

If you also have pre-existing bookings, you can re-send the booking confirmations to individual customers from the 'Register' view.

Promoting Your Classes

Now that you're all set, you can find the booking link for your class by clicking 'View on Happity'. As a Happity Member, your classes will automatically get included in our weekly newsletter to thousands of parents!

Promote your Happity page everywhere and anywhere to tell people you are now taking remote [email protected] bookings. 🙂

Take a snap of it, pop it on your grid/in your stories tagging @HappityApp (and ideally #findyourhappityathome) and we will share on our stories to get people booking!

You can also paste this badge onto your posts (here's how):-

What parents will see

We have set up our systems so that once you have set up the above, it all works super slick and your parents will find it just as easy as coming to an in-person class. 

Their booking confirmation will include the link for your meeting, along with guidance on how to make remote classes work best. 

So once you've set this up once, it will all run like clockwork - you promote your page on Happity, parent books, they get confirmation with link and off you go! They will also get a reminder (as will you) just before the class is due to start!

And all your payments will be in one place. You'll have a register and their contact details should you need to contact them directly for some reason. 

We have also set out some guidance for parents too - they'll receive this in their booking confirmation automatically.

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