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How to build your customer email marketing list
How to build your customer email marketing list

How to export customer email addresses for marketing

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When customers book a class with you, the booking form will present an opt-in box to see if they would like to receive marketing from you in future.

IMPORTANT: You must upload a Privacy Policy to your account for the opt-in to be displayed.

You can access your list of customers at any time under the 'Customers' tab in your dashboard.

From here you can click on each customer, and view their booking history.

You can also download your customer email list as a CSV, ready for importing into your chosen email marketing tool. We personally prefer using Mailerlite, which is a popular alternative to Mailchimp. It runs faster than Mailchimp, tends to be easier to use and works out significantly cheaper for larger mailing lists (free up to 1000).

The main disadvantage is that there are fewer other technical tools that integrate directly with Mailerlite vs. Mailchimp, but this is rapidly changing - and for most people, this won't make a difference.

If you're interested in trialling Mailerlite, please sign up using our affiliate link.

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