In addition to offering in-person events, Happity bookings allows you to offer virtual Zoom classes to anyone looking to book an online class.

The set up and management is largely the same with minor differences in the ‘venue’ set up. In addition, for online classes we send a reminder email with the Zoom link around one hour before the class is due to begin (if you need to change the link, then ensure to do this at least 90 minutes before the class is due to begin).

If you have already taken bookings for your in-person class and now need to run it virtually, you can easily convert the class(es) to online and list them as being virtual instead. You will still need to run them on the same date as before; however, you can alter the times and update the activity descriptions.

Tip - You may wish to unpublish/hide your listing whilst you make changes and you can find out how to do that here.

1. Update the Activity description

Before letting your customers know about the changes and to keep the information on your page up to date, you will need to update the activity description. To find out how to create or edit an activity, click here.

2. Notify your customers

The system will not send them an email when the changes are made, however they will get the automated reminder one hour before the class starts. We recommend that you notify your customers of the new arrangements prior to making the changes and then send them an amended confirmation email with their next steps. To find out how to contact everyone booked onto a class click here.

Depending on your T&Cs some customers may be able to request to be moved to a future in-person date or they may request a refund. There are links below on how to action this.

3. Change the class from in-person to as online session

  • Go to Dashboard > My classes > Weekly timetable and choose the class series that you would like to edit and click on the pencil icon.

NB - If this is your first time adding an online class, you may be prompted to provide a postcode. If you do not wish your home street address to show on the site, then enter the postcode of one of your usual venues or a local landmark.

  • Click ‘Next’ and update the details as needed on the next page;

Tip - Online classes can accommodate more participants and so this is where you can increase the number of tickets available.

  • Enter the correct Zoom URL in the field; this link will be sent out about an hour before the class and so if you need to change the link, then ensure to do this at least 90 minutes before the class is due to begin. To find out how to set up your Zoom link click here.

  • Once you are happy all the details are correct click ‘Next’ and this will take you to the last section, where you can make any changes as need.

  • Click ‘Update Schedule’ this will take you to the class overview where you can republish your listing and customise/send the new confirmation email.

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