Once you've added your classes to [email protected], you'll be able to find the Zoom links for your classes in the Happity dashboard, but we'll also send it to you by email before each class starts for ease of use. 

The email will also include a list of who is attending your class if you've taken bookings through us.

i) Click on Zoom link before the class is due to start

ii) IMPORTANT - Log in as the host using your Zoom login details
Small text at bottom of pop up:

iii) Each time a new attendee joins the session, the participants window will tell you who is waiting. 

iv) Once you get to the class start time and most participants are there/it's time to start admit those in the waiting room (only those who have paid to have access of course!).

TIP: If you are on a free Zoom account, don't start your class too early - wait until the start time. The 40 minute countdown will start from when you let the first person in to the room, and you will see a 10 minute warning towards the end.

v) Introduce yourself, let them know where to find their mute button (usually bottom or top LHS)

vi) Remind them that during the class you will keep everyone on mute - but they can unmute when participating between songs or if they want to talk to you! Bear in mind that when they speak, it will jump to broadcasting their microphone rather than yours. They will need to remute themselves - or you can do this on their behalf in the "manage participants" panel.

vii) Switch yourself to 'Gallery View' so that you can see everyone in the class on your screen at once - and remind everyone to keep their cameras on.

viii) Remember to call out the names and interact with the children throughout the class - this is especially important for parents to feel they are getting something different from watching a pre-recorded video on YouTube!

ix) If you need to hear someone speak, you can unmute the individual from the 'participants' panel - try not to have everyone unmuted all at once unless you're doing a singalong!

x) When finished, hit "end meeting" on bottom RHS.

xi) Then congratulate yourself on doing a fab job!

The Happity booking system will follow up automatically with your customers in the evening, and prompt them to book in for another class with you soon.

Please take a photo or two of your set up / class and send it to [email protected] - we will use some of them on our IG grid/stories to promote you! Send a quick para about how it went, with your handle so she can quickly upload and get your class out to many lovely parents!

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