Adding your online Zoom classes to Happity not only helps you to increase your bookings, it also means they'll automatically be advertised on our social media channels, in our weekly parent newsletters and on our website under the '[email protected]' umbrella!

Happity's booking system will help reduce your admin by generating a register for each session and distributing your Zoom links to customers automatically. We only send links out 1 hour before the class is due to start to help keep you and your customers safe.

NB - If you need to change your links for a class then please do so at least 90 minutes before the class is due to start.

How to Add Classes to [email protected]

To successfully add your online classes and get the best out of [email protected]; use this handy checklist -

  • Upgrade to Happity Membership (info here)

  • Activate Happity bookings (see below for details on our special offer)

  • Set up Stripe account (info here)

  • Create your activity or edit an existing one (see here)

  • Set up your links in Zoom. (click here for information on how to do this)

  • Decide how many people to have in your class (see below)

  • Decide how to price your class (see below)

  • Customise your waiting room (Info here)

  • Once your activity & links are set up, you are ready to add your first online class!

  • Go to 'My Classes' > 'Weekly timetable' Click 'Add a new class'

  • Follow the in-app instructions to set up your activity - this works exactly as it would do on Happity for an in-person class (instructions here) - except you'll need to choose '[email protected]' as your online venue and you will need to add in your Zoom link when prompted.

NB - When adding an online class for the first time, you will be asked to provide a postcode. If you do not wish your home street address to show on the site, then enter the postcode of one of your in-person venues or a local landmark/main road.

  • Add tickets to your listing (See here).

  • You may also be interested in our promoted listings service (info here)

  • Advertise your classes and start taking bookings!

How many people should I have in my class?

Although Zoom technically allows you to host up to 100 participants, we really recommend keeping your classes around the same size as you would have for an in-person class; a few more will not make much of a difference but ensure that you can still see and interact with the children as you would do in-person.

A Quick Note on Pricing Your Classes

We suggest keeping your prices similar to your normal classes, but consider setting a price for the whole family to attend together instead. Each family will still only take up 1 square of your screen in Gallery View, so unlike in a physical venue, having more children to a household won't affect the quality of the class delivery for everyone else.

Happity automatically directs local parents towards their 'nearest' virtual classes - our aim is to help these people become 'in real life' customers for your in-person classes. Can you imagine how excited the kids will be when they can meet you in person?? Keeping your prices similar to your normal classes will mean you can keep the groups smaller, more interactive, and help parents know what to expect from a real life class.

Spreading the word about your classes

Now that you're all set, you can find the booking link for your class by clicking 'View on Happity'. As a Happity Member, your classes will automatically get included in our weekly newsletter to thousands of parents!

Promote your Happity page everywhere and anywhere to tell people you are now offering online classes with [email protected] bookings.

Take a picture of you in action, post it on your social media channel stories tagging @HappityApp (and ideally #findyourhappityathome) and we will share on our stories to reach even more parents.

You can also paste this badge onto your posts (info here):-

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