Classes exist on Happity at two levels - there's the weekly time slot it holds in your timetable (e.g. Mondays at 10:40am), and the specific event dates that a class takes place on (1st June, 8th June, 15th June etc.).

To cancel an event date

From the 'Registers' list, there is a bin icon next to every date that hasn't taken any bookings yet. This will delete the blank register for that date and it will no longer be on sale.

You can also cancel classes by unticking these dates from the Scheduling wizard:-

NOTE: You won't be able to remove a class date if there are customers currently booked into it. These are greyed out in the above list.

Please cancel any active bookings first. Once the bookings have been cancelled, you will then be able to delete the event date.

In the meanwhile, please remove all the available spaces in the class to prevent any new customers from booking in.

To remove/archive a weekly class slot

Click on 'Weekly Timetable'. Classes that do not have any forthcoming event dates will have a little box 'archive' icon displayed next to it.

Archiving will remove the class from public display, but the information will stay in your account so that you can view your historical transactions and sales report. Click on the 'Active' dropdown box at the top to switch to the 'Archive' view.

If you've made a mistake and want to delete this slot permanently, click through to view the profile (eye icon) for this and choose the 'Delete' button on the bottom right hand corner. This option will only be available if the class has never taken any bookings before.

Temporarily disabling sales

If you are still running your classes, but just need to stop sales from happening for a period, there is also the option to disable bookings. Your classes and dates will still be displayed on Happity in this instance, but parents will not be able to book a space.

Unpublishing a class from public view

This works independently of whether bookings are enabled or not. When you 'unpublish' a class from public view, it simply hides your 'weekly slot' - i.e. this class would no longer appear in search results for Mondays, and it would not be shown anywhere on your Happity profile pages.

However you can still send out your booking links in by email to your customer base, if for example, you want to give your existing customers a priority booking period at the start of a new term.

To unpublish a class

  • Go to Go to Dashboard > My classes > Weekly timetable and choose the class series that you would like to hide and click on the view (eye) icon.

  • On the next screen, choose 'hidden' and the class will no longer appear on your page.

  • When you are ready to publish the listing again, just choose 'published'.

Happity Secret Mode

Closing your Happity account

If you wish to remove your business listing from Happity completely, please email [email protected] to let us know.

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