We know that data is key to running a successful business and that you need easy access to information as to how your classes are performing and to use customer data effectively to get repeat bookings and full classes.

That is why we have created reporting features which allow you to view, download and analyse your data on Sales, Marketing and your customers.

Sales reports

There are three different places where you can access the sales information for your classes.

On your dashboard -

When you first log into your account you will see your Sales dashboard. This is the fastest way to see -

  • How many classes you are running each week

  • The number of bookings taken in the last 30 days.

  • Revenue generated in the last 30 days

  • Your upcoming classes in the next 7 days, and the % of tickets sold for each one

  • Your most recent bookings - Customer name and the activity that they have booked.

On your weekly timetable -

Go to your ‘Weekly timetable’ and click on the eye/view icon and you will be able to download a sales report for your chosen series of classes which shows -

  • The revenue for each class in the series

  • The ticket types purchased and individual spend

  • How the booking was made (Stripe or manual)

  • The Booking date and time

It's been organised to give you the foundations for any kind of analysis or report you might like to set up to dive into your data.

Reports on Stripe

Stripe has a wide variety of reporting functions where you can filter, download and analyse your financial data including balances, revenue taken and fees paid. For more information on these reports and support on how to use them take a look at their Support Centre here

Tip - When using customer data it is really important to understand the rules about how to save, store and handle it correctly. Check out https://ico.org.uk/ for more information.

Marketing reports

End of month reports

As part of our service we send out monthly reports providing information on how your listings are performing. These reports show -

  • How many times your classes have appeared in search results

  • How many times they have been promoted (if Promoted Listings were activated)

  • How many enquiries have been received.

Tip - You can also check on performance at any time of the month by clicking on 'Promoted Listings' tab (even if you've not yet activated this service yet) (see below).

Promoted listings

If you have activated our Promoted Listings feature then you can quickly and easily find out how many times your listings have been seen and promoted in the current calendar month to date.

From your dashboard click on -

  • My Classes

    • Promoted Listings

Customer reports

All your customer data in one place

From your dashboard you can export all your customers' contact details to a CSV file. This report also shows how they found out about your classes on Happity and whether they have opted in to receive marketing from you.

Go to -

  • Customers

    • Bookings

  • Click on ‘Export to CSV’ (shown above)

Use your Follower data to decide where to start your next class!

Every Happity member has access to our Followers feature and you can quickly and easily view or download their information from your dashboard.

This information allows you to find out where your followers live, and quickly see where there is unmet demand for your classes. You could use a tool like Google My Maps to plot these points on a map and see where they may be particular clusters.

If they have agreed to share their personal information with you for any other general marketing, you will also be able to access their email address.

Log in to your dashboard and click on:

  • Customers

    • Followers

  • Click on ‘Export to CSV’ (shown above)

Tip - There are strict regulations around the use of customer data and you should familiarise yourself with these and the GDPR rules before sending out marketing. You can find out more information here. Your customer report will show you who has opted in to or out of receiving marketing information from you.

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