Happity has been grown from the ground up over the years via personal recommendations from lovely people like yourselves, and amongst new parents to one another. As a small business, it's something we are eternally grateful for. It was difficult for us as an all-female team to raise funding so we weren't able to spend millions on marketing as other tech apps of our time - instead relying on the quality of our service and positive word of mouth.

We want to say a proper thank you Happity Members, who have long advocated for us and supported our mission to end loneliness for new parents. So if you know class providers who aren't yet registered with Happity, you can now click on 'Refer A Friend' in your dashboard to find a personal referral link for sharing.

Your friends will receive a £10 discount off their first year of membership if they upgrade within the first 30 days - and we'll add a £10 credit on to your account to say thank you too.

You can use this on any invoiced service available to Members, such as the Promoted Listings service or Newsletter sponsorship, or you could put it towards your next Membership renewal.

Terms & Additional Info

  • You can view the status of your referrals at any time in your dashboard.

  • Credits are not transferrable into cash.

  • Credits are only valid while your own membership remains active and will be forfeited if your membership is cancelled. You can request to pause your membership if you need a temporary break. There is otherwise no expiry date on when your credits can be used.

  • To count as a referral, the provider needs to be a new registration to Happity and approved as eligible for listings on the platform - i.e. a genuine organisation providing public classes for under 5s. They will be tracked for 30 days after their account is created, with a referral reward payable if they upgrade within this time frame. This will show as 'pending' in your account with the reward paid after 30 days, (i.e. when their cooling off period has ended).

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