Here at Happity we want to provide the best service for our Activity Providers. We have therefore looked into different processing fee services and have chosen to partner with Stripe because we believe it’s a great service, as well as being cost effective.

What is Stripe?

Stripe is an online payment processor that is similar to Paypal except with lower fees (1.4% + 20p per transaction). They have a great user interface, state of the art security and first-class customer support.

The chances are you've already used Stripe without knowing it as they are the payment processor of choice for big brands like Deliveroo, Asos and Squarespace.

You can sign up to Stripe here

We connect payments directly to your Stripe account because not only does it mean you can access your payments as soon as they're available (within 3-5 days), it gives you additional tools to view all of your payment history, create invoices and to connect your sales information up to accounting packages like Xero - saving precious admin time.

We know that every little bit makes a difference when you're running a small independent business. By doing the best we can for your business, it's the best we can do for ours too. 🙂

Why not Paypal?

The simple answer is that Paypal will charge you as an Activity Provider more per transaction! 

Paypal charges 2.9% plus 30p per transaction. So compared with Stripe’s 1.4% plus 20p transaction you lose on both % and one-off cost*.

To put that into real terms, if your class costs £5 to attend, you’d pay 45p to Paypal but just 27p to Stripe – a whopping 40% less!

If you are currently set up to use Paypal though fear not – it literally takes about 2 minutes to register with Stripe (let us know if it takes you less and we’ll update that impressive stat 😉)

You can sign up to Stripe here

*Data correct at 11/12/2019

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