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Customer Testimonials

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Happity is highly rated for it's ease of use and intuitive interface. You can also find out what our latest customers are saying on our Facebook page.

Laura, Zip Zap, November 2020

At Zip Zap, we relied heavily on Hoop and their support and we were devastated when they had to close. We had a look at the usability of many other sites, which are a booking platform, from a customers point of view and decided Happity was far superior than others. So we signed up!

It is such an easy and straight forward site to use as a provider and allows so much control from our end at the touch of a button. The commission is far less than what we had paid with previous providers (which is always a bonus!) and we really like the featured listings option too. One feature which has been incredible for us, is that we allocate certain registers for our other class leaders which means we no longer have the need for paper registers or any extra work at our end sending through details of customers who have booked through Happity.

What makes Happity so unique and incredible, is that Emily and Sara (and their team) are extremely invested in our sector, their support and constant campaigning to the DfE and MP's is what sets them apart, without this 2020 would have been a very different (and harder) year than it has been.

We look forward to using Happity for many years to come.

Suzie, Storymakers, November 2020

Joining Happity has been the best thing I’ve done this year both for myself and for StoryMakers. The personal support and guidance that is provided from a team that actually CARE about your business is amazing.

The booking system has been so easy to use and set me up ready to provide my Covid secure classes with online payments for my customers.

It’s also just really nice to be part of a community that support each other and each others businesses, especially in these challenging times!

Sally, Singalong Sally, November 2020

I’d been listed on Happity before lockdown but hadn’t used the booking system as I was a drop in. Once we reopened in September I had to prebook for safety and was worried about all the admin it would entail. But happity’s system is so easy to set up. I still have full control but now all the hard work is done for me. I get clear registers for each session and can edit and amend anything I need to through the database. I can manually book attendees too which is helpful. Plus they clearly show me how many times I appear in searches.

One link is all I need to share to make booking simple.

Plus the fantastic community they’ve built up on Facebook - sharing information and advice. They work hard for our sector too, lobbying government for clearer advice, asking for clarification and feeding back to those in power. Sara and her team are also lovely to deal with and always helpful. For what you pay in fees it’s worth every penny.

Rosie, Foxtots, November 2020

When I first heard about Happity, it seemed like a great idea. To list my classes with an external body and relieve the admin load. But it seemed daunting. The unknown. I was worried about so many things, not least the fact that I am a bit of a technical dunce ""I won't be able to set it up!", "how will I manage the site" raced through my mind, over and over again. Then I met Sara. We sat, we chatted, she made it all seem so easy. We started with listing a one-off event, then later down the line one day of in person classes. She talked me through the set up and held my hand all the way. Almost immediately, I could feel the stress of admin rippling away. Then in the first lockdown, I took the plunge and went online. Like many providers, I found the thought of migrating online incredibly daunting. Happity scooped us (providers) up, calmed us down and talked us all through how it would work, sent us step by step instructions of how to make it happen and offered constant support at every juncture. They get it. They get how daunting this has all been for us all and they talk to you like a human being, not a money maker. The system they have in place is seamless. And the site (once you're in your stride) is incredibly user friendly (if I can do it, anyone can, and if you're struggling, the Happity team is there to help). For a nominal subscription fee, you get a wider reach, you meet new people (online and in person), you benefit from some great marketing/promotional perks (a little extra on top), you receive fantastic support and your workload is reduced. What's not to love? If you're thinking about it, don't delay. Do it. Happity is amazing.

Devon, Little Theatre on The Hill, November 2020

When lockdown happened Happity was the first to get online, sort out zoom links and make it possible for technophobe like myself to get technical! Since then 100 per cent of my classes are sold through Happity which makes everything less complicated in this complicated world and leaves me to deliver lovely classes! Through the maze of rules which is lockdown Happity have been campaigning for and updating information every step of the way which has been empowering for all us class providers who may otherwise have been very lost. So thank you Happity! I salute you!

I would have said I used to get at least 2 to 6 or even more cancellations a week before! Since using the system, I’ve had just 4 in a month and only due to illness or family emergency. It’s been a complete game changer for me! I am very impressed with the whole system and have 100% attendance now."

Emma Harrison-Kemp, Happy Hands Club, Wales, 2019

"The booking system has been life changing! After spending so much time, mainly late nights sorting out invoicing and registers for my sessions Happity gave me a clear and simple booking system. 

I have found their customer service excellent and they are always on hand if I need help! 

I would highly recommend the booking system to any other class providers for a really user friendly system."

Holly Dabbs, Foxglove Forest School, 2019

"I  am thrilled that the bookings started immediately the moment I signed up - I had 5 bookings for my Tues morning group through you just today. Anyone with a small biz relating to bubbas/toddlers should use the wonderful Happity!"

Cat Bateman, Little Folk Nursery Rhymes, 2019

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