Cancelling your Happity subscriptions

To cancel your Happity Membership -

  • Go to Settings > Membership

  • Click on 'Request cancellation'

    Happity cancel membership
  • This will open an email in your default app which you can then send through to [email protected]

  • Please state whether you would like to cancel your membership only or fully close down your account.

To cancel the promoted listings service -

  • Email [email protected] requesting that the service be cancelled.

  • If there is an outstanding balance on the account you will be sent a final invoice for this.

Closing down your account

If you would like to close your account and remove your profile from Happity, then please email [email protected].

Send us your feedback

We welcome feedback from providers on all our services and features. If you have ideas or comments as to how we can improve Happity, then please send these through to [email protected]

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