When someone makes a booking, the system sends them a confirmation email with the details of their booking (learn how to personalise them here).

Occasionally you may hear from a customer who has not received their email and will need take steps to resend it.

  • Ask them to check their spam folder, if they have not done so already.

  • Check that the email that they have entered is correct by matching it with the one they have contacted you on or asking them to confirm it.

To correct an email address -

  • Go to ‘Customers’ on the dashboard

  • Then ‘Bookings’ and locate the customer.

  • Click on their name and then select ‘edit’ (pen icon)

  • Make your changes and save them.

Once the email address is corrected then you can resend the confirmation email.

Go to -

  1. ‘My classes’

  2. ‘Registers

  3. View (eye icon) the class they are booked on to.

  4. Locate them on the register and click the envelope icon this will resend the booking confirmation.

If the email address was correct and resending the confirmation does not work, then please contact Support within three working days, so we can check for errors within the system. Contact support by emailing here or by clicking on the help icon

at the bottom right of any Help Centre page.

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