Happity Bookings is designed with the needs of baby and toddler class providers in mind. Whether you are a small business just starting out, or a large established franchise, Happity Bookings can help your business grow.

There are no fixed-term contracts, and because you'll connect via Stripe, payments go direct from customers straight to your bank account as soon as they're available.

We offer two billing options, depending on how you wish to use bookings for your business.

  • Main booking system - own-branded & feature rich (monthly subscription, 0% commission)
  • Sales of ad-hoc spaces (7% commission)

Whichever you choose, you can set up Happity Bookings and no charges will be incurred until you've made your first sale.

Please Note: Stripe charges a small card payment processing fee separately (see below).

White-Labelled Booking System
(monthly subscription, 0% commission)

Happity Bookings can be used as your main booking system, completely independently of Happity Search.

It's designed to work like other booking systems (such as Bookeo and Booking Bug), but because it's designed specifically for kids classes, it's much simpler to use - saving you hours of admin. It's also more affordable - because we've only included the exact features you need.

Your personalised booking pages include a Google map of your venues, automatically showing parents their closest classes based on their location. There is no Happity navigation, so your customers stay yours.

Class information flows through to Happity Search for seamless marketing with no extra admin or cost.

See it live for one of our current subscribers here: https://www.happity.co.uk/happy-hands-club

Personalise your booking pages to use from your own website

This option works out cheaper than commissions if you take more than £214 worth of bookings per month. 

  • Small - £12.50 + VAT (£15 inc. VAT) up to 250 booked spaces per month
  • Medium - £25 + VAT (£30 inc. VAT) up to 800 booked spaces per month
  • Large - £45 + VAT (£54 inc. VAT) up to 1600 booked spaces per month

You'll have access to all features on all tiers. This means even if you're just starting out, you can use the tools you need to grow your business. Billing happens at the end of the month based on actual usage - so no second guessing which tier you need and payments stay in line with what your business can afford.

Note: A 13-week term booking counts as 13 spaces booked. This means you may pay more at the beginning of term when pre-selling a lot of spaces, but less in quieter months.

Ad-hoc Bookings

This is best suited to those just getting started or if you want to make the most of Happity as a marketing platform.

We charge 7% commission (incl. VAT) for each online booking made.

Bookings for free trials cost £3.50 each (incl. VAT) (although we recommend charging a small nominal fee for trial classes instead).

How To Get Started

If you already have a free listings account with us, you can switch on Happity Bookings directly from the dashboard. Simply go to Settings > Bookings to connect.

If you don't have an account, drop us a line on the blue button below and we'll help you get set up.

Happity is run entirely by UK-based parents working from home. We're friendly and we speak in plain English(!) without the technical jargon, and we're often available to support you in evenings and weekends too.

Free Set-Up and 14-Day Trial

Subscribers are only billed at the end of the month based on what you've sold, but the billing period won't actually start until you connect up your Stripe account and have selected 'Subscription' from your dashboard.

This means you can take as much time as you need to set up your classes. Despite good intentions, we know sometimes life gets in the way!! 

Once your billing period has started, if you're not getting on with it you can just let us know within the first 14 days and your first bill will be cancelled, free of charges.

Our policy is always to operate as fairly as possible, supporting both the small businesses we work with whilst also striving to build our own.

What is Stripe?

Stripe is an online payment processor that is similar to Paypal except with lower fees (1.4% + 20p per transaction). They have a great user interface, state of the art security and first-class customer support.

The chances are you've already used Stripe without knowing it as they are the payment processor of choice for big brands like Deliveroo, Asos and Squarespace.

We connect payments directly to your Stripe account because not only does it mean you can access your payments as soon as they're available, it gives you additional tools to view all of your payment history, create invoices and to connect your sales information up to accounting packages like Xero - saving your precious admin time.

We know that every little bit makes a difference when you're running a small independent business. By doing the best we can for your business, it's the best we can do for ours too. 🙂

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