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Booking Fees & Prices
Booking Fees & Prices

Fees for using Happity Bookings

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Happity Bookings is designed with the needs of baby and toddler class providers in mind. Whether you are a small business just starting out, or a large established franchise, Happity Bookings can help your business grow.

How it Works

Happity Bookings is designed to be used as your main online booking system, operating like many other booking systems (such as Bookeo and Booking Bug). However, because it's designed specifically with kids classes in mind, it's much simpler to use - saving you hours of admin!

It's also incredibly affordable at just 3% commission (plus card processing fees) . Some other competing booking systems cost significantly more, because they include bells and whistles to cater for all different types of businesses. We cater for baby & toddler classes specifically, so we can think more carefully about what works for providers in our sector. Why pay a monthly subscription outside of term times when you're not running classes?

Our system can handle term tickets, block bookings, trial offers and sibling discounts - and it even plots all your class locations on a handy map! We give you access to ALL of our features, so you can use our tools to help you grow - no need to choose between complicated tiers or to second guess what things you might need.

Happity Bookings is available to any organisation that has joined us as a Happity Member.

If you're not a member yet, find out all the amazing marketing benefits of Happity Membership here.

Display your classes on a personalised map

How To Get Started

To activate bookings to your account, log in to your Dashboard and click Settings > Bookings to connect your Stripe account.

What is Stripe?

Stripe is an online payment processor that is similar to Paypal except with lower fees (1.5% + 20p per transaction). They have a great user interface, state of the art security and first-class customer support.

The chances are you've already used Stripe without knowing it as they are the payment processor of choice for big brands like Deliveroo, Asos and Squarespace.

We connect payments directly to your Stripe account because not only does it mean you can access your payments as soon as they're available (within 3-5 days), it gives you additional tools to view all of your payment history, create invoices and to connect your sales information up to accounting packages like Xero - saving precious admin time.

We know that every little bit makes a difference when you're running a small independent business. By doing the best we can for your business, it's the best we can do for ours too. πŸ™‚

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