Scheduling regular slots in Zoom has lots of advantages to it as you can make use of more advanced features - like automatically requesting that cameras are switched on, automatically muting participants on entry (if you want to), and using the waiting room feature so that you can choose who to let in - or block unwanted strangers! There is also the option to add branding to your waiting room.

Once you have done this, you'll then also be able to add your class to Happity so that parents can find your virtual classes - and you can also start taking online payments if you wish to.

If you need help, we also offer a VA service for just £18+VAT per hour. Just send us your timetable and we will pre-generate your Zoom links and add them to [email protected] for you.

How to Schedule a Regular 'Room' for Your Virtual Classes with Zoom

  • Go to - preferably on a desktop or tablet

  • Click on 'My Account'

  • Choose - 'Schedule a Meeting'

  • Use your class name and scroll down slightly and select 'recurring meeting'. Then in the drop down select "no fixed time".

  • Then choose 'Generate automatically'. This creates a unique Zoom link for your classes.

  • We recommend that you use the 'Waiting room' feature and leave this selected. (See here for more information). This feature will allow you to check your register and only admit those who have paid for the class before letting them in. By using the Waiting Room feature, you can also add your own logo to Zoom.

  • Leave 'Require meeting password' ticked ON (this is now required by Zoom)

  • There will now be some options to work through and you can decide which ones to select depending on your preferences.

  • Click 'Save'

  • Copy and paste your Zoom link into a document, noting which class it is for, as you will then need to add this into your class set up.

  • The Happity booking system will email your link to participants around an before the start of each class, asking them to click to join - it will also email you with the link and a list of your customers too, so that you can start hosting it. If you need to change your Zoom link for a class, be sure to do this at least 90 minutes before the class is due to start. You will also receive a list of last minute sign ups just before the class is due to start.

NB By default, Zoom will embed an encrypted version of your password into the link (the letters after 'pwd=') and it will look something like this:

Finally - scroll to the bottom of the page and choose 'Save as Template'.

Once you've set up your rooms, you're ready to add it to the [email protected] timetable so parents can find you and start taking bookings!

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