Accessing The Price Wizard

The price wizard allows you to create new tickets or re-use ones you've already created before.

Note: If you have created a pro-rated term ticket, the wizard will show the calculated price based on the number of dates set for this class.  (The price will show as £0 if there aren't any registered yet, but will change automatically as dates are added.)

When setting up a new class, you will automatically be directed to the Price Wizard upon saving.

If you are adding prices prices to an existing class, first navigate to the class overview page (click the link or eye icon in the Timetable list). 

Open the price wizard by clicking the 'Manage Tickets' button.

Ticket Types on Happity

We currently have three different ticket types:

  • Single Session - books the selected date only
  • Block of X - books X consecutive sessions, including the date selected
  • Term - books into all the available dates in the term. This price is calculated pro-rata during the term, and is de-activated if some of the dates are full.

Each of these tickets can also be set up as either a 'Trial' or a 'Sibling' price. This will automatically add a coloured label to the user's checkout screens.

Term and block tickets will also automatically add extra information on the dates being booked.

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