Class providers can upgrade their account for greater visibility on Happity and additional benefits.

Only Members have a contact form on their pages so that users can get in touch with them directly. We are unable to show email addresses publicly on the site as it is often trawled by bots looking for addresses to spam.

Member benefits:-

  • A direct enquiry form on all your classes 
  • Your social media newsfeed displayed on all of your pages
  • Access to our private Facebook community group

Make it easy for parents to contact you

How Do I Upgrade?

Simply top up your Promoted Listings credit with £20 or more and your account will be automatically upgraded for a whole year. You can do this when logged in to the dashboard.

Parents who use Happity are often in a hurry, searching on the same day or night before - they're probably jiggling a crying baby in their other arm. They might want to ask you a question before attending. And they might be stuck at home if they can't.

The contact button plays a huge part of the service we provide and leads to large numbers of offline 'bookings' - but it costs money to run. A small contribution from our class providers helps us to keep Happity open to as many people as possible.

I run a free / council funded event. Do I have to pay?

Certainly not! The contact form and social media feeds features are available for free to all Children's Centres, Libraries and other important community services. Just get in touch with us to have it switched on for your account. 🙂

Any questions?

Drop us a line on [email protected] or send us a message via the blue chat button on your dashboard.

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