Setting up your own Subscription Service

Subscription services are a great way to boost sales, increase loyalty and attract new customers to your classes.

What is a Subscription service?

A subscription service allows you to set up an automatic recurring payment from your customers, without the need to go through a direct debit process. You can offer new and regular customers the opportunity to attend more classes as part of your subscription package, boosting your sales and keeping them within your customer base for longer.

Happity allows you to create subscription pages so that parents can make this purchase any time of the day.

You can set your recurring payment to be weekly or monthly and Happity will help you manage your list of active subscribers.

What you include in your subscription service is up to you - it could be face to face or online classes; on-demand or live Zoom. Giving you the flexibility to offer great value to your customers whilst balancing the needs of your business.

Examples are -

- Offering unlimited in-person or Zoom classes for a period of time

- Membership of a Facebook group

- Weekly downloadables

- A mix of the above!

This feature is available for all Happity Members who have activated Happity bookings. There’s no extra sign up cost, and the fees are the same as for Happity bookings (3% commission plus applicable Stripe fees). See link below for more details.

How to create a subscription

1) Choose ‘My subscribers’ from your dashboard menu.

2) And then ‘Create New Subscription Service’.

3) Fill in all the details for your new subscription offer.

  • Give your subscription a name

  • Let them know what’s included - how many sessions, how they’ll be delivered and time limits.

  • Choose a weekly or monthly recurring payment period, and set the price (NB - this cannot be changed once saved and so double check it before saving).

  • Customise your confirmation email - make sure your customers have everything they’ll need to know to activate the service, including whether they have to take any further action or will receive anything further from you. Also when they will receive Zoom passwords & links etc. if applicable.

4) Make sure your subscription is active and click ‘Create subscription service’.

If you decide to stop this service, you can deactivate your sales page by clicking ‘inactive’. This will keep the existing subscribers in place but it will not allow anymore sign ups / new sales.

On the next screen, you will see a link that you can use to market your classes to new and regular customers.

This link will take them to a booking page where they can sign up within a few clicks.

Clicking on the ‘Name’ of the service will take you to a dashboard where you can manage your subscribers and check for cancellations.

By regularly reviewing your list you can see who is coming up for renewal, who has signed up and who has unsubscribed.

Managing cancellations

Click the 'unsubscribe' button next to your customer's name. This will cancel their subscription in Stripe ahead of their next renewal date, and move them to the 'Unsubscribed' list. It will keep track of the date that their current subscription expires, as well as the date that they requested the cancellation (i.e. if they have just paid for a new month, you'll need to provide them with your service until then).

Please Note: subscription products are not currently shown in the Happity search results. This functionality is to help you create and sell subscriptions easily by sharing the link on social media and on your own website. The usual Stripe and commission fees apply on each transaction.

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