The UK's leading platform for baby & toddler classes

Happity is the UK's leading marketing and booking platform for classes for bumps, babies and toddlers.

Initially launched in just 4 postcodes of London in 2017, we've grown to reach over 250,000 parents (about 1 in 4 new parents) - largely by word of mouth!

We rank first page on Google for over 1,000 of the most relevant search terms, including things like 'baby classes near me', 'toddler groups near me', 'baby franchises UK'.

We've appear regularly in the press - including The Guardian, The Times, Grazia, the BBC, Sky and Five News - and in 2020, selected as one of the top parenting gadgets by both the Evening Standard and The Independent.

It's easy to add your classes for FREE in less than 2 mins - from any device.

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Created by two mums who'd experienced loneliness and PND in new motherhood, Happity is much more than 'just another booking and marketing platform'.

Our team works flexibly and remotely around our families, and we campaign for the causes we believe in. Social impact is very much at the heart of what we do and how we operate.

When covid struck, we adapted Happity to support our community of class providers - many of them parents in business just like us - to make the transition to online classes overnight and sustain their livelihoods.

Now, as lockdown eases, we are continuing to support a new dual ecosystem of both online and in-person classes, and we are leading a campaign to lobby the government for dedicated guidelines for our sector - as well as support for the parents who are suffering with reduced access to classes. (Please sign and share the official petition if you haven't already.)

We strongly believe in the benefits of baby & toddler classes for new parents and their wellbeing - and in building Happity around our families, we are sharing in the journey many of our class providers are going through too.

Let Happity take care of your admin and make the whole process easier. Join our Facebook community to share the journey with other small biz owners like you. You are not alone - we are right here with you ❤️

Kindly published with permission from Victoria at Tiny Feet

We're creating the technology that our class providers would build, if they could.

We work closely with our community to create the technology that they need. With Happity's fully featured booking system, you'll be able to collect everything you need for Track and Trace and reduce the admin involved in running your business.

With powerful built-in marketing features, many of which are available on the free accounts, we'll help you grow your business with no extra effort. And there are even more benefits available if you become a Happity Member.

If it's free to register, how does Happity make money?

We run on a 'Patreon' style membership model designed to help us work in the best interests of the sector as a whole, whilst running sustainably.

The majority of class providers upgrade to a Members account, though there are still plenty of benefits of registering with Happity on a free account!

On a free account, you'll get:

✔️ a dynamic Happity profile page - personalised to each user to show them their closest venues and timetables, plotted on a map - and highly ranking on Google

✔️ use of the Happity Followers feature, creating zero-effort email marketing for your classes (we alert your followers with your latest timetable every term)

✔️ use of our 'Quick Check' feature, so that parents can confirm your class is running within minutes

✔️ your class dates submitted to Google events

✔️ useful info and offers in Happity's Class Provider Newsletters (non-members edition)

Happity Members get an upgraded profile and a number of extra benefits that offer exceptional value:

✔️ built-in email enquiry form on all your pages

✔️ accept payment via our fully-featured booking system at just 3% commission - with no monthly fee (please note - Stripe fees apply)

✔️ embedded Facebook newsfeed - parents can message you via FB messenger, find out which of their friends like your page, and see all your latest photos and videos directly from your Happity pages

✔️ shout-outs on our social media channels

✔️ ability to list your online classes in search results, as well as in-person classes

✔️ more frequent alerts for your Happity Followers

✔️ appear at top of search results and parent newsletter using the Promoted Listings service

✔️ useful info and offers in Happity's Class Provider Newsletters (members edition containing higher value content)

✔️ priority in working with us on projects and events

✔️ priority customer support via chat and email, as well as help from the community in our Facebook group for activity providers

All of this is available for just £45 inc. VAT per year.

And as part of our commitment to ensuring mums get access to the support they need, upgraded membership is completely FREE for CICs and Charities.

We are constantly improving the system and increasing the benefits available to our members.

In addition, new members joining in 2020 will also receive their first £500 worth of bookings commission-free* giving you a great opportunity to trial the booking system in full, and save back the price of your first year's membership fee!

All of our services are designed to be fair and affordable to help you grow, and in turn that helps us grow too. We've put all this info on this page at the point that you register with us, rather than hiding it elsewhere on the site, so there's no nasty surprises. Because that's how we do things. 😉

Here are some of our customer testimonials.

* to be used within 3 months

I have a question.

No problem. Drop us an email on [email protected] and we'll be happy to help! 🙂

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