Please note, Happity is only listing interactive ONLINE classes at this time.

Anyone running classes based anywhere in the UK is welcome to register - as long as you can provide evidence of having also previously run classes *in real life*.

We're sharing all the knowledge we have on Zoom with our brilliant community of class providers so that together, we can provide the best service possible for parents in isolation.

Anyone can access this information here in our support centre, as well as our shared blog for briefing parents on how to make the most of online classes.

For new members joining us at the moment, we're offering Happity membership at a reduced price of just £15 inc. VAT (normally £45) for a whole year - this includes an upgraded profile with full access to our bookings software, as well as marketing through the site as well as our email newsletter for parents.

In addition, we are also waiving commission fees for your first £500 worth of bookings taken during your first 3 months - effectively making your first year's membership completely free if you use Happity for your bookings. 😊

The Happity team has always worked remotely and we've been using Zoom for over 3 years. We've successfully supported hundreds of class providers make the transition over to delivering online classes and maintain their income, becoming the UKs #1 platform for online baby classes in the process.

Let our booking system take care of all the admin and make the whole process easier. You don't have to be alone in this - we are right here with you ❤️

Victoria from Tiny Feet

What is Happity?

We are the only platform dedicated to helping parents find classes for bumps, babies and toddlers. Initially launched in just 4 postcodes of London in 2017, we've grown to reach over 250,000 parents - largely by word of mouth!

Happity now helps over 1,000 activity providers find parents for their weekly classes. We rank first page on Google for over 1,000 search terms, including things like 'baby classes near me'.

It's easy to add your classes for FREE in less than 2 mins - from any device.

If you're outside our current areas of coverage, you can still pre-register your interest. We're growing across the UK and will get in touch as soon as we're in your area!

How are we different?

Happity is the only platform exclusively for baby and toddler classes.

It's run by a small team of parents, and was borne from our own personal experiences of new motherhood and the feelings of isolation that often accompany it. 

We wanted to help other parents find their local community, by making it easy to attend baby classes and make friends in their area.

You may find we're quite a lot different from other tech startups in the way we operate. We are part of the wider Zebras Unite movement, committed to building communities and serving our customers first, because we believe the tech sector is badly broken. Tech startups are encouraged by investors to pursue 'outsized profits', instead of build sustainable businesses. They're asked to monopolise markets aggressively, and to squeeze the small businesses or individuals that rely on them.

Happity is different. We are independently funded by our customers and private angels who believe in our mission. Our ethos is to keep the platform as open as possible and to help as many people as possible. That means our users aren't forced to register to use Happity, and neither do we 'hide' away classes run by non-paying or community-based members.

It's our aim to protect the independence of small businesses from tech platforms like ours. As a team of parents working flexibly around our children ourselves, it's our goal to see you thrive.

But if it's free to register, how do we make money?

We run on a 'Patreon' style membership model.

Happity Members can access affordable, effective marketing services and an upgraded profile for just £37.50+VAT per year. 

This promotes your classes to the top of matching search results and allows customers to contact you for free - they can also view your website and social media directly from your Happity profile. Membership is taken up by the majority of class providers who register with us and we have exceptional high rates of repeat customers - because it works.

For class providers wishing to take online bookings, we also offer bespoke booking software that has been designed specifically to support baby & toddler classes at only 3% commission (incl. VAT). It has a wide range of features to make this as easy as possible. It's suitable for managing your entire business if you wish, not just ad-hoc sales - helping you to build your marketing list, manage registers and create sales reports. You can even share your register with an external teacher!

Finally, we also offer a concierge / VA service to help busy class providers manage their admin on Happity, starting at just £18+VAT per hour.

All of our services are designed to be fair and affordable to help you grow, and in turn that helps us grow too. Here are some of our customer testimonials. 🙂

I have a question.

No problem. Click the blue button below to message the team and we'll be happy to help! 🙂

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