Just because you love being a parent, doesn’t mean it's all you want to be.

Happity is run by a small dynamic team of flexible working parents. We work from home and make the most of our talents - whilst also caring for our children and families too.

Sometimes, people mistake this as meaning that we aren't also ambitious! They are wrong.

So far, we've reached over 200,000 parents in London alone. We've teamed up with Mothercare and featured in The Guardian, Forbes and Mother & Baby magazine. Behind the scenes, we've built top-notch booking software that's being used by some big baby class brands.

Small steps towards big dreams

Our mission is helping new parents survive the long lonely days of parenthood, by getting them out of the house and meeting others in their neighbourhood. 

Our goal is to be the most trusted, accurate and complete guide to baby and toddler activities in the UK. 

And whilst we can't claim to eradicate PND, we are doing our bit to join the battle and combat isolation for new parents.

Be More Zebra.

Angel funded and owned by the team, we are part of a larger Zebras Unite movement - a movement set up to challenge traditional forms of funding for tech startups which so often causes startups to behave badly.

Instead, we work in partnership with our class providers and the wider community. We respond to their needs and interests, and strive to promote their independence.

We care about the future our children are growing up in, and want to see tech companies operating ethically and responsibly.

We need your help

The world of tech startups isn't very well geared up to support people like us. That means we need your help. There are some super easy things you can do to support our mission:

  • Spread the word!
    Share with all your friends, midwives, health visitors and on social media! There are always parents asking for advice on Facebook and you can link them straight to their own personal search page: https://www.happity.co.uk/search

  • Tell class providers where you found them
    You might not need to book into a class you found on Happity, but if you let class providers know where you found them, it encourages them to become paying customers.

  • Leave a review on our Facebook page

  • Write to us and give us feedback

  • Lend some moral support on Instagram
    (I'm hopeless at Instagram 😅)

And finally of course....

Join Our Team.

We always enjoy hearing from interesting people. If you think you've got what it takes to join our team, get in touch.

Thanks xxx ❤️❤️❤️

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