Secure Payments - Directly To Class Providers

Many class providers choose to partner with Happity and take bookings for their classes.

All bookings are held directly with the class provider. They will receive both an email alert and a record of your booking in their Happity dashboard. 

You'll also receive an email booking confirmation, which you can show at your class on arrival.

Payments are processed safely and securely via Stripe, a market leading payment processor similar to PayPal. It's used by familiar household names such as Airbnb, The Guardian, Asos and many more

None of your card details are seen, handled or stored by Happity - or by any of the class providers.

Class providers connect their own Stripe account to handle bookings, so your payment goes directly to them - just in the same way as you would pay a seller via PayPal on eBay. 

Your purchase is subject to the class provider's terms and conditions and their refund policy.

Booking Confirmation

When you make a booking you'll receive a confirmation number by email. This also contains a personal message from the class provider and their contact details if you have any queries.

If you have not received a confirmation email, please check your spam folder before contacting the class provider.

The class provider will have a record of your booking on their register, in their own emails, and a record of your payment with the class details in their Stripe account. 

In the event of any dispute, we can also verify whether the transaction went through, as well as refer to Stripe.

Transparency About How We Work

Happity is dedicated to helping small businesses grow. We are committed to operating ethically and in the best interests of our community.

When you book through Happity, we earn a small commission fee of 3%. This helps to sustain the service, and keeps our team of flexible working parents employed.

We only process bookings for classes where the providers that have actively chosen to partner with us.

Every booking made through Happity supports what we do - so if you have found it useful and discovered a brilliant class, please support us by making your booking through the site and sharing it with others.

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