We have set up the bookings for online Zoom classes to ensure that your families will find it just as easy as coming to an in-person class.

When a parent books an online class they will receive a confirmation email straightaway and this will include the info on their booking and guidance on how to make get the most out of online classes.

You can find out how to add information and customise your confirmation email here.

This initial confirmation email will not contain the Zoom link; for security these are only sent out an hour before the class starts (if you need to change the link, then ensure to do this at least 90 minutes before the class is due to begin).

You will also be sent a reminder along with your register for the class. We find a lot of bookings only come through in the last hour, so 5 mins before your class starts we'll also send you a further follow up with a list of any late joiners. You could also use the live register within the Happity dashboard and tick off people as they join if you prefer - or even issue a login to share your register securely with an external teacher.

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