Happity Bookings is able to manage bookings for online classes as well as in-person sessions. The main difference is that customers for online classes will receive a reminder about 75 minutes before the class starts with their Zoom link to join.

If you've already booked customers in for a face-to-face class and now need to run them as a virtual class instead, you can easily convert your existing classes to list them as being 'online' instead.

NB - if you have already taken bookings for these classes, you will still need to run them on the same dates as before. Although you can't change the dates, you can adjust the start and end times if you wish, as well as update the descriptions.

  1. Choose the class series you need to convert and click on 'edit'

  2. Go to the 'Where' tab

  3. Choose '[email protected]' under online venues. (If it's your first time adding an online class, you might also be prompted to state an approximate location.)

  4. Click next

  5. Go to the 'Zoom URL' field and paste in the link that you want to be distributed to your customers. This will only be sent out c. 1 hour before the class begins to keep your link as private as possible. If you need to change a link please make sure to do this at least 90 minutes in advance of a class starting. (See also: How to create Zoom links in advance)

Update the Activity Description

You'll also want to update the Activity description to talk about what will happen in your online classes.

(a) If you've already listed online classes with Happity before, simply click on the 'What' tab and select your online Activity description from the list

(b) If it's your first time listing an online class, go to the 'What' tab and click the 'Create a new activity' button to set up a new name and description. You'll be able to then follow step (a) above for the rest of the classes in your timetable.

Notifying Your Customers

You'll probably want to send a personal message to your customers to inform of the changes to your classes and what they should expect, or what equipment they will need to participate from home.

Please see How to contact all of your customers from a class for help on how to export your customer list for your affected classes.

NB - The system won't send them a new booking confirmation email detail when you change your classes, but they will get the automated reminder 1hr before the class starts. If you want to send out new confirmation emails, you can do this by clicking the email icon next to the name of each customer in the register. (We'll add a new button to help do this more efficiently this week!)

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