By default, we do not allow free (£0) tickets to be added to online classes. However, under some circumstances you can request to override this setting on your account.

Why we don't normally allow free tickets for online classes

Offering free tickets on 2-way interactive classes (such as Zoom), where customers can see each other, can pose a safety risk for children.

By taking a payment of some kind, no matter how small, it means that your customers' true identity can be traced, should the need arise. Without a payment card, a customer could register for your class using a fake identity/email address that cannot be easily traced to a real person.

If this doesn't apply to your classes...

If you have reason to believe it would be safe for you to offer free spaces for your classes, please get in touch on [email protected] to request that we disable this feature on your account. Although we do our best to help class providers with running their classes, safeguarding your customers remains your responsibility.

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